JAHE Coaching and Consulting offers a variety of motivational keynote presentations, workshops and seminars all designed to help audience members achieve peak performance in their personal and professional lives. Her keen ability to connect with others and help them get to the root of the issues that hold them back from being successful helped JAHE Founder and CEO Joy Harris Edwards birth her signature program, "Circle of Joy."

Oftentimes we have CYCLES (series of events that are regularly repeated in the same order) of joy. This program drives home the idea that we can also have CIRCLES of joy - situations that enclose, surround, or help us embody something. We can surround ourselves with joy and live in joy in every area of our lives.

This program is designed to help clients grow from the inside, out and understand that relationships with ourselves and others matter.

Do you feel stuck and unsure of where life is taking you?

Are you searching for your calling, your purpose in life?

Do you have difficulty letting go of negative thought patterns?

If so, Circle of Joy is for you!

In this 8-week program, you will...

  1. Discover "I Am"

  2. Learn how advocacy starts at home

  3. Uncover the WHO in YOU 

  4. Learn to move from Vision to Visible

  5. Techniques to Silence the Inner Critic

  6. Develop a Contain and Remain mindset

  7. Learn how to let go of the old and embrace the new

  8. Gain tools to Execute your goals and Salute yourself for hitting the mark

After completing Circle of Joy, you will...

  1. Have increased productivity through positive growth and development 

  2. Know how to reduce internal and and external interpersonal conflict 

  3. Be able to produce a positive culture that supports growth and sustainability

What are the benefits of enrolling?

Joy crafts her presentations to have the widest appeal. Her goal is for each audience member to engage in a meaningful, heart changing have a good time while also acquiring specific tools to enhance their lives.

By enrolling, you get personalized training, customized strategies to help you execute your goals, and tangible results to keep you thriving long after the program ends.

You will receive deep clarity on what you should be doing and how, as well as ways to maintain a high level of productivity long after the program ends.

High Productivity

Circle of Joy digs deep into the root of the problems that cause you to be lax in your productivity. Once the issues are revealed, we work with clients to create behaviors that ensure high levels of productivity continue.


Conflict comes in many forms, but many people do not realize it often begins internally. Circle of Joy helps clients identify internal struggles so they can better handle external conflicts.

Engaged employees

If your organization is looking for ways to keep employees motivated and engaged in their work, you need to put into place practices that help them see the bigger picture, their role at a higher level, and empower them to be creative in what they do. Circle of Joy helps you communicate company goals and keep employees laser focused on those goals.

Servant LEadership

Strong leaders do not simply tell people what to do. Strong leaders are servants who can show people what to do, how to do it, and the benefits of doing it. They do all this with compassion and the desire to serve first, then drive results. Our goal is to help clients develop and grown into being strong servant leaders in order to provide strong leadership.